PSM I, Web developer

PHP/Drupal/Symfony, Certified Scrum master, Open source minded

Recent Posts

Decoupled Drupal with Gatsby

In this post, i share my experience for developpement webstite with Drupal 8 ...

Firebase & Drupal

In this post, I will describe how to synchronise content from Drupal into a database Firestore.

About Me

I'm Marouan Hammami, web developer since 2010. I acquired a solid expertise on web developpement aspects.I love learning about innovative new ideas and new open source technology.

I love creating blog posts, websites, plugin, modules and to contribute for many open source solution such Drupal, Gatsbyjs...I share my work on or on GitHub.

I'm certified Scrum Master PSM I.I have experience working with agility aspect.

I enjoyed for developing with PHP, Drupal, Drupal commerce, Symfony, Wordpress and creating decoupled website using ReactJS, GatsbyJS and deploying by GIT, Docker, Jenkins.

To keep updated with my work, follow me on Twitter or on this blog.